himalayan weaving mill

Canon EOS-1DX - EF 24-70mm 1:2.8L II USM - iso800 - f/4 - 1/160 sec - Michael Grobe
Model: Mohakk Nanda

Travelling to the Indian lower part of the Himalayas for some business scouting, we found this old building on our way. A quick glimpse through the door revealed this fantastic abandoned weaving mill, covered in layers of dust and spider webs. Obviously we had to shoot there, no way around it. The owner was Ok with it and told us it had been shut down in 1974 and not been used for anything since then other than dropping off some old sofas. The shoot itself was strobist style with a travel kit: a few Canon 600RT flashguns in a Lightware Four Square soft box, radio triggered from the camera.
Definitely want to come back there for a fashion and portrait shoot in the near future. It’s just 1600 km from Mumbai...