delorean in 3D

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV - EF 70-200mm 1:2.8L IS USM - iso320 - f/2.8 1/400 sec
- Michael Grobe

"Yes, the way I see it, if your gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?” Doc Brown, Back to the Future.

So when we (long time colleagues at "Alex Lemke Visual Effects" in Munich and myself) decided to shoot a research project to dive into the stereoscopic acquisition and execution of visual effects for 3D feature films, we also did it with some style. I woke the DeLorean up from hibernation and with the support of director, dop and Academy® Award winning developer Sebastian Cramer and his Production Rig we shot a few scenes at Munich's "Kunstpark Ost" now called "Kultfabrik", during the day a kind of industrial looking area with studios and some cool sceneries, during the night one the biggest party areas in Europe.
The Rig equipped with 2 RED Mysterium X cameras performed great and we managed to get all shots in just one day. Now the visual effects post production starts and during the next weeks we will finish the shots and setup the necessary workflows. So in a few weeks we should have a nice 3D VFX demo and a proper pipeline for future projects.

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV - Canon EOS-5D Mark II - Michael Grobe